Jennifer Stelzer, Licensed Massage Therapist
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About the Practitioner

I was drawn into the field of massage therapy after a near fatal car crash in 1999. I suffered a number of injuries, the worst perhaps were two broken knee joints.  After surgery (three plates and twelve screws), I was still living with the effects of extensive soft tissue damage, while trying to heal and learn to walk again.  I received the suggestion of including massage into my world of physical and occupational therapies.  I began receiving massage three times a week, even before I was able to weight bear on my legs. When I met with my orthopedic surgeon eight weeks after my accident he was amazed to see that I had healed fast enough to begin weight bearing exercises (expected time was at least twelve weeks). My massage therapist had explained to me how massage may benefit the tissue to assist in restoring movement and also contribute to a less stressful recovery.  I was amazed and relieved at the news I had healed so much faster than normal recovery rates. I now believe massage therapy was a factor in my accelerated healing process.  I then made the decision to further my education and enter the field of massage therapy in the hopes of facilitating others with their wellness goals.

I believe my personal history provides a firm connection to others searching out alternative therapies for chronic pain management, post surgical recovery, athletic enhancement and general wellness.  I am pleased to be a member of this community and look forward to meeting with you to address your personal goals.

Jennifer Stelzer, LMT

Oregon Massage Therapist License # 17980

ABMP Certified Massage Therapist

Certified in Sports & Injury Recovery Massage

(971) 338-9436


 ~Photography by Joni Kabana

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